In early summer 2014, the beautiful angelic brand L’ANGELICA was created in Taiwan. L’ANGELICA is specially designed for graceful women and children from one to twelve years old. This original Eastern brand’s mission is to pass down good temperament with Eastern textiles. It tends to hold a positive, nostalgic view of the past with a simple and basic style, expressing a cultured identity and down-to-earth modesty.

L’ANGELICA values its origins and preserves its cultural traditions. While upholding its brand spirit “Finding your inner self, seeing your own beauty, and embracing your uniqueness “, L’ANGELICA determines to stay pure, distinctive and true to itself.

Oriental Series


Based on vintage qipao, Oriental series is a salute to traditional Eastern culture. It shows respect to the good old days. Also, it’s a reminder of the greatness and simplicity of our origins.

Art Series


Art series is meant to show the beauty in life with delicate designs. Exotic imagination emerges from behind its colorful clothing. If you look closely, you may lose yourself in an aesthetic delight. 

Creation Series


To think outside the box is the key to creativity. Creation Series boldly mixes geometry with totem patterns, combining Eastern and Western cultures. It’s breaking new ground in the field of qipao, and it is certainly here to stay.