Our Thinking

When kids stand on tiptoe to see what their parents see, they are too curious to feel their feet sore. While parents lean forward to their kids and gently touch their pure souls, they show their best to them. They teach their children to be kind and to do good deeds. After all, parenthood is more meaningful than any parent can ever imagined.

When parents enjoy life, their kids tend to appreciate cultural and aesthetic values more. It helps children develop a good sense of creative design, relishing culture, beauty and herbal materials. A keen awareness of life leads to civilization.

Our Spirit

JUNE 2014

The company created our own brand L’ANGELICA. The brand’s mission was to pass down good temperament with Eastern design. Through its main product, vintage qipao for kids, the company helped kids get to know the beauty of Eastern culture. In the meanwhile, the company kept innovating with an all-out effort.

Our Development

MAY 2016

The company launched “NiHao Rose” collection and “LOVE by L'Angelica” collection, combining traditional culture with modern clothing. Later, the company introduced a few more new designs and obtained positive feedback from customers.  

Based on “Eastern Spirituality”, the company launched “LOVE by L'Angelica” collection of design conveyed great passion and love. It emphasized the importance of family, containing clothing for men, women and kids. When attending festival occasions and weddings, “LOVE by L'Angelica” collection offered an exquisite, formal but simple choice. “LOVE by L'Angelica” would be the perfect design to show one’s unique taste.